The Ideas to Doors (I2D) conference is the brainchild of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing (TJLC) GCCR_TJLC_logoat the University of Arizona and a few other individuals who see the value and importance of an innovative spirit in retailing.  We believe that there was a place where the hard fought lessons of entrepreneurship in the retail space could be heard and shared.  Where these challenges could awaken, inspire, enlighten and make others believe.

Ideas to Doors is a one-day, interactive conversation – not a series of one-way presentations – that will bring to the stage retail and brand entrepreneurs who have battled the odds and found success.  It will give participants a chance to even come up on the stage and take part in the conversation;  not just watch it from the seats.  What it won’t be is boring and predictable.

Who We Are

The TJLC brings together emerging talent in the University of Arizona’s retailing degree, faculty, and industry to enhance retailing enterprises – new and old – worldwide.